Ta Da… Volume 3 is here along with a new puppy!

I’m thrilled to announce that Volume 3 is here with all kinds of exciting new things with some old knowledge woven throughout. The parts I’m excited for include:

  • A new way to share even more with a brief audio cast along with the lesson videos. Stay tuned the first audiocast post soon. Buying the book will give you access to new videos and audiocasts. What do you want to know?
  • Discussion of other nosework venues. Did you know AKC and CPE don’t require an Odor Recongnition Test (ORT)
  • A mystery short story. “Play along if you like”

My new puppy Merlin is a Tibetan Terrier. Lily is adjusting well to the new addition and enjoying private nosework sessions :-)

Stay tuned next month for a book giveaway and some product reviews!


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