Holidays Treats & Toys… Plus a Giveaway!

lily bed

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season! Lily and I have spent the year trialing both in agility and nosework. We have earned our container and exterior titles at the NW3 level. We are both enjoying the NW3 journey and are looking forward to future trials and trying AKC scentwork. With everything going on I will admit my progress on Volume 3 of the book series has been very slow. Since I’m still working on the book I’d like to give away 2 books to people who comment and tell me your challenges or what you’d like to see in Volume 3….

Below I’ve listed some omy favorite items that I’m sure your dog will appreciate under the Christmas Tree. Here’s Lily with her bed from Buddy’s Dog House and her Earth Animal Chicken Chew.

Maybe your furry pal will ask Santa for some salmon treats, a food toy, or a new comfort flex harness...

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